REWIND - Alfred's Free Press: Liberia's Blackboard Reporter

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In Liberia, a country where radios and televisions are luxuries most people cannot afford, Alfred Sirleaf, an enterprising journalist, has founded an innovative newspaper, The Daily Talk. In 2012, we met Alfred and some of The Daily Talk's readers at Monrovia's Tubman Boulevard, and through them got an insight into the lives and dreams of Liberians. One of them is Michael, who was once forced to fight as a child soldier during the war, was making tourist souvenirs from the spent AK-47 bullets that litter the ground, some of which he fired himself. Six years after meeting Alfred, and four years on from the deadly Ebola virus outbreak which ravaged Liberia in 2014, REWIND returned to Monrovia to catch up with The Daily Talk and its readers.

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