Al Jazeera World - The Widows' Sanctuary in Lebanon

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The Islamic philanthropic tradition of Waqf dates back to the Prophet Muhammad's time and is intended to be "in perpetuity". Waqf in Islamic law was developed in the medieval Islamic world, but bears a resemblance to English trust law. Every Waqf was required to have a waqif (founder), mutawillis (trustee), qadi (judge) in addition to its beneficiaries, with continuity being "secured by the successive appointment of trustees or mutawillis." Now called the "Khanka", few Tripolitans may be aware of the guest house's existence, or its governance by the Ministry of Endowments. When this film was made, the Khanka had fallen into disrepair and its 12 rooms offered its residents only the most primitive accommodation. Since this film was originally made in 2016, the Ministry of Endowments announced that it would renovate the Khanka to better serve the needs of its residents in 2019.

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