Africa Direct - Taste Of The Sun / Football Love

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In the drought-hit southern region of Madagascar, farmer Zafisolo Louis sees goat farming as the best way to provide a future for his family. Goats don’t compete with humans for food, nibbling on the barren branches caused by deforestation. Their milk is nutritious - and makes delicious cheese. This, claims Zafisolo, makes goat farming an economical and appropriate response to the growing impact of the climate crisis he witnesses around him. In ‘Taste of the Sun’ by filmmaker Ary Misa Rakotobe, Zafisolo and his children tend their herds under the blazing sun and produce their unique tasting cheese under challenging circumstances, defying the elements to secure their future.
Salma Al Majidi is the first FIFA-recognised Arab woman to coach men’s football and an increasingly familiar presence in the game in Sudan. She started assistant coaching in her teens and later teamed up with her now husband Ahmed Yakini. A retired national player, Ahmed is happy to work as Salma’s assistant coach, pooling their skills to improve the team. ‘Football Love’ by filmmaker Alsanosi Adam weaves their love story through Salma’s football experiences, charting the challenges she faces and the results she achieves. Together they share a devotion to the beautiful game, and to each other.

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