Africa Direct - Giant Little Choppers / Kenya Ice Lions

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Luciano Armindo is a bright 12 year old with a fascination for engineering and a remarkable hobby. He collects cardboard and wire scraps and meticulously designs and builds life size models of helicopters and cars outside his home in southern Mozambique. He hopes one day to turn these scrap models into real vehicles, or even a space rocket, and his engineering dreams are pinned on a possible scholarship. Meanwhile, he and his brother create their striking replicas, as witnessed in ‘Giant Little Choppers’, a delightful film by JJ Nota.
When Covid hit, Kenya’s ice hockey team was grounded and the only ice rink in the country closed - but this did not deter Benjamin Mburu. He is the captain and assistant coach of the Ice Lions, the only ice hockey team in east and central Africa, which had competed internationally until the pandemic hit. He rallied the skaters and found innovative ways to keep their skills, and the team’s finance, alive. ‘Kenya Ice Lions’ by filmmaker Moses Obuye follows the action in Kikuyu Township in Nairobi and shows a seldom seen aspect of Kenyan sport and society.

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