Africa Direct - A Future With Fish / The Queen

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In Niger, Abdoul Majid Hamadou looks to fish farming for his future. The fish market in Niamey imports most of the fish and they are expensive. Abdoul wants to get in on the fish farming business and provide cheaper, locally farmed stock. He has struggled for years to find work, despite having two Masters degrees, and he wants a business that can sustain him and make his family proud. In ‘A Future With Fish’ by filmmaker Ousmane Zoromé Samassékou he researches the industry, sources hatchling fish and builds his own small tank - his future business looks finally set to take off.
Her Royal Majesty Obi Martha Dunkwu is the Omu of the Anioma people of Nigeria’s Delta State. An Omu, or Queen Mother, is a leader of women, custodian of the market, a spiritual guide to the community and the traditional ruler – a role that goes back more than 820 years and one which was greatly reduced by colonial rule. In ‘The Queen’ by filmmaker Chisom Ifeakandu we witness the ceremonial practices of this important institution and hear the story, and the challenges, of today’s Omu.

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