Africa Direct - Conservation Above/Joy In Traffic/Feeling the Game

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Three short slice-of-life films from Kenya, Nigeria and Rwanda.
Daniel Zuma says he has “a beautiful view from above” in his work as a surveillance pilot in Kasigau Corridor conservation area in Kenya. But his gyrocopter does more than provide stunning scenery - it enables him to accurately monitor game numbers, gather vital data and track illegal human activities including poaching. ‘Conservation From Above’ by filmmaker Rahab Wambui shows Daniel’s birds-eye-view and also his on-the ground work in conservation, including with local communities. This dedication to conservation comes from a man who grew up in this very area and has an important message and legacy to pass on.
Rush hour can get chaotic in the streets of Lokoja, the capital of Kogi State in Nigeria, but traffic director Joy Onoja has found a way to keep cars moving and drivers cool-headed – she dances. ‘Joy In The Traffic’ by filmmaker Achor Yusuf gets behind the moves, motivation and mindset of this energetic traffic policewoman, to reveal a delightful side of urban life in this city.
Leonidas Ndayisaba is a sports journalist in Kigali, Rwanda, covering games, analysing team management, discussing player transfers and commenting on the action on and off the pitch. He sits in the football stadium, absorbing the boisterous atmosphere, feeling the game, while his colleagues describe the play to him. Because Leonidas is almost fully blind - he has had very little sight since childhood and can only see large shapes. ‘Feeling the Game’ by filmmaker Samuel Ishimwe follows him in action, from pitch-side interviews to his radio show, unfolding the story of this man who doesn’t let his disability define or stop him in his dedication to sport in his country.

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